Couples therapist certification program

We offer all three levels of the Gottman Method couples therapy certification program and provide consultation on the certification track. Additionally, we provide supervision to couples therapists who use the Gottman method. The trainings are designed for anyone in a helping profession who works with couples in intimate relationships. Julie Sharon-Wagschal is a certified Gottman Europe Therapist and Europe’s only workshop trainer through the Gottman Institute.

Level 1 clinical training

Gottman Method couples therapy: Bridging the couple chasm

This introductory two-day training provides an overview of the four decades of research on what makes relationships succeed or fail. It teaches the research-based theory of the Sound Relationship House that Drs. John and Julie Gottman developed and offers an integrated method of couples therapy based on that theory, which includes assessment and therapeutic interventions.

Level 2 clinical training

Gottman Method couples therapy: Assessment, intervention and comorbidities

This three-day workshop deepens your knowledge and understanding of the Gottman Method. You will learn more about how and when to use the interventions and how to handle co-morbidities that complicate couples counseling, such as depression, affairs, PTSD, addictions and domestic violence. You will also be given ample opportunity to practice many of the couple therapy exercises.

Level 3 Practicum

Through videotaped cases of real couples, hands-on role plays, demonstrations of assessments and interventions, and nuanced discussion of technique, the Level 3 Practicum significantly expands your understanding of when and how to use Gottman Method approaches.

Certification Track

Becoming a Certified Gottman Therapist is the final step in your journey toward becoming a career couples therapist. You will master how to help couples create greater meaning and connection in their relationships, and you will expand and reinforce your understanding of Gottman Method Couples Therapy, building off of everything you’ve learned through your training and clinical work to date.

“There’s nothing more fulfilling in therapy than watching two people find each other again.”

― Dr. Julie Schwartz-Gottman