Relationships can be a source of connection, love and happiness. They are also complex and can be messy. However long or short, or strong or challenged they are, they’re a journey that two people embark on together. The Center for Relationship Learning was founded to facilitate the building, sustaining, creating and maintaining of relationships that serve the purpose of connection, belonging, comfort, excitement and fulfilment.

Starting the journey to rebuild a relationship in a stronger and more sustainable way, can be difficult, because there is so much information out there. Our purpose is to bring effective, research-based methods to support couples who want to strengthen their bond.

Why Gottman Method Couples Therapy?

There is so much relationship advice out there. Much is based on hunches, on experience and unresearched theories. At CRL we have chosen to ground our work in the Gottman Method because it is based on over 40 years of research with thousands of couples. The research gives us excellent insight into what makes relationships thrive and what makes them fall apart. We are proud to be Europe’s leading provider of all things Gottman, ranging from intensive couples therapy to professional clinical training.

Of course, every couple is different with differing histories and dynamics, and needs support that is uniquely catered to them. The Gottman Method therefore emphasizes the importance of an in-depth assessment of each couple before treatment begins.

Who are our clients?

At CRL we mainly have two types of clients: couples and therapists. Couples come for intensive Gottman marathon sessions or couples workshops. Therapists come for Gottman Method Training, Certification and Supervision.

Wherever you are in journey, we welcome you to reach out and find out how we can support you!